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The spirit
of the music!

From the recording to your ears, you have carefully chosen the source, amplification and speakers for your hi-fi system.

At the heart of the music

Esprit cables are designed to carry the music signal through your hi-fi system unaltered, preserving the full richness of the recording.

Shared passion

The extreme sophistication of Esprit cable assembly makes every product that leaves our workshop an exceptional product.


Listening to professionals and audiophiles in search of a lively and natural musical experience, Esprit has forged its expertise through the constant evolution of its design methods and manufacturing techniques.

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The Esprit Range

10 ranges of cables to delight your ears!


A new addition to the Esprit range - "Gaïa".

Gaïa is the emergence of music within matter, that of natural harmony where each note, each chord is an ode to music and to the fullness of the senses. The Gaïa range will place you at the heart of a unique experience, that of being one with the sound scene.






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L’Esprit Power chez Mono & Stereo.

Outre les nombreuses rencontres avec les produits Esprit Audio lors des salons professionnels dans de nombreux systèmes audio haut de gamme, c’est ma première expérience pratique avec leurs produits dans mon environnement d’écoute familier et bien contrôlé. Lorsque Vivien Falize, responsable export d’Esprit, m’a suggéré d’évaluer le cordon d’alimentation phare de la marque L’Esprit, j’ai été heureuse de le faire.

Our awards

"Recognition is the feeling of a benefit".
- Vauvenargues -

Absolute Sound - Editor's Choice 2021

The Absolute Sound is the world's leading source of expert advice, features and commentary on high-performance audio and music.

Diapason d'Or 2021

The Diapason d'Or selection brings together the best equipment awarded by the famous magazine Diapason. Exceptional instruments entirely dedicated to pure musical pleasure.

HiFi+ Editor's choice 2020

Hi-Fi+ is one of the world's leading audio magazines, with expert reviews and features on high-end audio and music.

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"Only the music matters..."

What you need to
to know!

We could have offered you the most beautiful cables in the world, sparkling and using the most precious materials in jewellery. But our jewels are not made to be seen but to be heard, or rather not to be heard, because their silence and neutrality are the fruits of our vocation, that of conceiving and manufacturing high-fidelity instruments, therefore of very high precision, and of a life expectancy among the best existing (some of our customers have been using the same cables for more than 25 years without even having had them upgraded. Our only requirement is that we respect the musical interpretation and the emotion that it brings to all concert lovers and other audiophiles. The materials we test before rejecting or selecting them are there only to convey a signal without distortions, deformations or other pollutions of any kind. After its complex structure has been designed, each new cable is subjected to the merciless control of its creator's ear, and will be assembled by hand with a check at each stage until its final test for validation. That's why we decided, more than 20 years ago, to offer you the most discreet cables possible, because in our eyes (and especially in our ears), only the music matters.

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